What is ISO 21469 Certification?

Launched in 2006 as an additional safety standard for manufacturers of food grade lubricants,

ISO 21469 specifies the hygienic requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and

handling of lubricants that may come into “incidental contact” with food during processing.

This standard does not replace the globally recognised NSF H1 registration for “incidental

contact” but compliments it. It provides an additional level of evidence of safety and care that has gone into the manufacture of the certified company’s food grade lubricants.

What is the difference between ISO 21469 Certification and NSF H1 Registration?

Additionally to the formulation and label review requirements for H1 Registration, ISO 21469

Certification also requires that:

• A full risk assessment has been carried out on the lubricant manufacturing plant

• The plant has been audited by an independent third party to ensure that all certification procedures and requirements are met

• Annual sampling, testing and re-auditing takes place to verify that the food grade lubricants continue to use only FDA approved ingredients to the originally submitted formulation

What does this mean for the pharmaceutical manufacturer?

ISO 21469 Certification combined with NSF H1 Registration assures the food manufacturer the

safest food grade lubricant. In turn this means that when the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is audited for food safety according to IFS, ISO 22000 or others by organisations such as the BRC, MHRA, FDA or a major customer, the auditors will recognise straight away that the lubricants in use are of the highest safety standard and can be eliminated as potential chemical or physical hazard sources in the plant’s HACCP.

This is a very important contribution of a lubricant manufacturer to the Global Food Safety

Initiative (GFSI).

CASSIDA’s pedigree

CASSIDA was the first food grade lubricant range in the world to achieve ISO 21469

Certification (in May 2008) and as such set the standard for food safety. The new CASSIDA

production facility at FUCHS LUBRITECH’s Kaiserslautern plant is the most modern in the world

and the introduction of new products into the CASSIDA portfolio will ensure that CASSIDA

customers will be provided with the very latest and safest high-performance lubricant

technology. Poseidon Pharmaceutical UK Limited are delighted to be working with FUCHS LUBRITECH.

Poseidon Pharmaceutical UK Limited