Your tablet compression machine is an extremely valuable part of your business and it obviously makes perfect sense to look after it as well as possible; especially the turret.

Before inserting dies, clean the die pocket bores with a die pocket brush.

• No damage to die pockets

• Removes all debris

• Even from tight corners

• Ergonomic design

• Tough, easy to clean and long life

• Available in D, B, BB and BBS

Fit the dies correctly, ensuring they are perfectly square and avoid damaging your die table with a non-marking die insertion ring.

• FDA & EU compliant material

• Non-marking so no die face damage

• Excellent wear properties for long life

• Easily cleaned

• Available in D, B, BB and BBS

Drive the dies home using the correct size of die driving rod including high impact tips.

• 304 stainless driving rods

• High impact resistant replaceable tips

• FDA & EU compliant material

• Available in D and B

Finally, clean your punch guides with a non-marking purpose designed guide brush.

• Removes debris from guide bores to prevent tight punches

• Twisted wire structure allows for good extension of reach and flexibility to ensure maximum contact

• Nylon filament, light and flexible yet durable

• Filament length designed to offer optimum levels of abrasion with contact surfaces