What can you expect working with Poseidon and CASSIDA

Fuchs Lubritech Customer Focus

So what now?

We have listened carefully to our pharmaceutical clients both large and small and Poseidon Pharmaceutical Limited have thoroughly researched the market to find suitable products. We are delighted to announce our affiliation with Fuchs Lubricants (UK) plc and their highly accredited ISO 21469 CASSIDA brand of lubricants.

CASSIDA was the first food-grade lubricant range in the world to achieve ISO 21469 certification and as such, set the standard for food safety. The new CASSIDA production facility at Fuchs is the most modern in the world and with continued introduction of new products into their range will ensure customers will be provided with the very latest and safest high performance lubricant technology.

24 hour technical help

Providing the correct assistance to you is just as important as providing high quality lubricants. By building strong relationships, we can ensure the right level of technical support is provided to each manufacturing site. Our support services include 24 hour technical help, oil condition monitoring, failure analysis and diagnosis, customer training on lubrication best practices, stock management and more.

Storage Solutions

To assist with best lubrication practices and meeting audit
requirements, we can supply customers with a sturdy stainless steel storage stand, which holds eight 22ltr oil containers or 19kg grease kegs. The CASSIDA Lube Centre
features a retaining bar to ensure oil can easily be pumped into oil safe containers without movement of the keg. The removable drip tray caters  for any spillages which may occur
whilst dispensing. The top of the CASSIDA Lube Centre is lockable, making it ideal for storing grease cartridges, aerosols and your Lubrication Audit Compliance Manual.

Lubrication Critical Control Point (LCCP) Surveys

CASSIDA specialists can carry out a survey of all the lubrication points in your manufacturing facility. Following on from a site visit, customers will be provided with a report including any areas for improvement for plant efficiency, reliability and safety. The CASSIDA LCCP survey can be used to assist towards your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) audit compliance.

Lubrication Audit Compliance Manual

We provide customers with a personalised Lubrication Audit Compliance Manual which contains a list of CASSIDA food grade lubricants on site, technical and safety data sheets, NSF registration letters, ISO 21469 certificates and other important documentation. The Lubrication Audit Compliance Manual helps you as a daily reference guide, as well as forming part of your audit compliance.