Bosch GKF-1500 Capsule Filler


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Bosch GKF-1500 automatic capsule filling machine suitable for medium batch Pharma Production for up to 90,000 capsules per hour for all common capsule sizes, with a capsule size range from 00 through 4 with proper change parts; in excellent working condition, well maintained and serviced example of GKF-1500 built to “state-of-the-art” standards guaranteeing flexible and safe filling of capsules. Quick changeover times and intuitive handling make the machines ideal for the production of Pharmaceutical, Health and Nutrition products. Thanks to the modular assembly of the capsule filler, these machines can accommodate filling applications for (mini-) tablets, pellets, granules or combinations.  Pre-locked capsules are automatically fed and aligned into format bores. Capsule separation occurs with vacuum assist and capsule bodies are exposed for filling;  GKF design allows for processing of extremely difficult powders, where fill weight adjusts within seconds, resulting in very small powder residue  that ensures optimum machine efficiency.

Bosch GKF capsule filling technology utilises a precision functional process in which the capsules, fed pre-locked and non-oriented, are aligned, opened, filled and reclosed. Capsules inserted cap first, non-separated capsules, and capsules with two caps are recognized and rejected. High filling accuracy is attained by a 5 tamping procedure with minimal dust occurrence and high yields, offering the user a great cost to performance ratio.

Product contact parts are all Stainless-Steel Sanitary Pharma grade; Includes interlocking upper safety guarding.  The GKF-1500 model has a small footprint with compact construction and follows uncomplicated user friendly functional sequences.

This particular example of GKF-1500 comes with a selection of format parts #0, #1 and #3

Machine size:  L: 1300mm ×  W: 1500mm × H: 2150mm.

Weight total 1600kg


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