Norden Nordenmatic 400 HA/M Plastic and Metal Tube Filler


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Norden Nordenmatic 400 HA/M (HA) Hot Air automatic tube filling and sealing machine suitable for both plastic/laminate tubes and metal/aluminium tubes.

  • Exchangeable plastic and metal sealing stations
  • Up to 40 tubes per minute (depending on product and tube size)
  • Filling volume range 1-300ml with dosing accuracy +/- 0.1 - 0.5%
  • Tube length 50mm to 245mm
  • Tube diameter 10mm - 50mm (HA) and 10mm - 40mm (M)
  • Product contact parts 316 Stainless Steel
  • 45L hopper with locable lid
  • 3 sets of change parts/tube holders 13.5 (spring inserts), 18mm (solid) and 19mm (spring inserts)
  • Various filling nozzles and spare parts
  • Size 1800mm x 1500mm x 2050mm high (with hopper installed)
  • Net weight 1250kg

This Nordern Nordenmatic 400 HA/M comes from the pharma industry. It has had little use, serviced regularly and kept to a very high standard. Excellent overall condition and complete with a set of manuals in English.

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ModelNordenmatic 400 HA/M
Stock NumberPP1172