Spare Parts

Tablet Press Spare Parts

Poseidon Pharmaceutical UK Limited offer a full range of Manesty tablet press spare parts including:

Pressure Rolls – Feed frames and feeder pans – Turrets

Pressure roll pins and bushes – Cams – Bronze worm gears

Take off plates – Die screws – Scraper blades and B & D scraper seals

With specialist knowledge on Manesty tablet presses and Manesty spare parts, we are able to offer technical support and advice as well as providing an extensive range of common wear parts that are critical to keep your Manesty presses running. We keep in stock spare parts for the following Manesty tablet presses and are continually increasing our stocks to ensure that we have the right spare parts for you when you need them.

 B3B, D3B, BB3B, Express, B4, D4, DX4, Betapress, Rotapress, Unipress, Novapress

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