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We provide Pharmaceutical Equipment to Industry Leaders

We pride ourselves in the high standard of machines we provide not only to the Pharmaceutical industry but also to the Nutraceutical, confectionary, household products and many other industries. By providing a quality product and service our customers know that they can come to rely on Poseidon for any future needs that they may have; be that purchasing additional equipment from us or disposing of any surplus processing equipment.

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It doesn’t matter how cheap it is if you can’t get it.

Take spare parts for example…   When you need something to keep your production lines running is it more important to know you can have it the next day or save 5 or 10 % but with a 5 week lead (...)

Are you looking to sell surplus pharmaceutical equipment

There are many reasons why you may have surplus equipment still on your site. Whatever the reason, it makes sense to contact us with a view to us making an offer. Maybe you have equipment that has been in storage for some time. Or maybe you have recently purchased a high quality used piece of process equipment from us to meet an increase in demand. We are happy to look at the options with you.